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Discover The Benefits Of Per Diem And Temporary Assignments

Ideal for people who want freedom and flexibility.
ProCare Personnel is a leading provider of per diem and temporary assignments to nurses, CNAs and personal care assistants across Northeastern PA. This type of work is ideal for people who want more freedom, flexibility or who are looking to supplement their current full- or part-time work.

Career Control

Nurses, CNAs and personal care aides who work per diem and temporary assignments have a great deal of control over when they work and where they work.


Choose shifts that work with your schedule. Work around your family responsibilities or supplement a full- or part-time job by picking up per diem work.


Pay for per diem and temporary assignments is often higher than for full-time employees with the same responsibilities.


ProCare works with an extensive network of clients across Northeast PA. From large systems to small nursing home settings, you can add variety to your schedule.


ProCare is a locally owned company that has been serving facilities in Northeastern PA since 1995. We know this market, and we know what you’re looking for.


You will always be prepared to enter a new facility or environment, and you can reach someone from ProCare 24/7, so you’re never alone when you’re on a shift.

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